MOTHERBOARD I5 X250 has been manufacturer tested and is completely working. It can run all of the latest programs, including high-performance games, without issue. It links and controls how chips in a system access data. This PC/Laptop main component also allows you to add more features to your PC or build a custom one for Rs. 30,000 that is 100% real, tested, and fully working. This motherboard is created with the highest quality requirements for full compatibility and reliability.
Total Price: 30,000
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Find the most recent, high-quality original laptop replacement Motherboard I5 X250 parts only in Megatech Nepal at a reasonable price of Nrs. 30000 only. As every motherboard is thoroughly inspected before being sold to ensure it is in good condition, we can guarantee 100% reliability, customers can shop for motherboards with Megatech Nepal without having any reservations or misgivings. One of the major things you should consider before buying motherboard is it’s compatibility. However, if you find it difficult to do so, you can simply give details of your computer and the motherboard which helps us determine the best fit for you.

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