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Buy Original Motherboard at an Best Prices in Nepal

Welcome to the motherboard product category page on our website, where you can browse a large number of top-notch motherboards at competitive prices. The motherboard, which serves as the brains of your computer, is a vital part that is critical to deciding how well your system works and performs. This tutorial will walk you through the many motherboard kinds that are available and what factors to take into account when selecting the best motherboard for your needs.

Types of Motherboard

ATX Motherboards: These are the most popular and widely compatible types of motherboards for desktop computers. They are perfect for usage in both gaming and professional settings because they include numerous expansion slots and support for premium components.

Micro-ATX Motherboards: These are scaled-down versions of ATX motherboards that are intended for small, inexpensive systems. They have fewer expansion slots and functionality but are perfect for compact form factor constructions and simple computing jobs.

Mini-ITX Motherboards: The smallest motherboards available are made for home theatre PCs and ultra-compact systems. Although they have few expansion options, they are extremely energy-efficient and perfect for multimedia and entertainment.

Choosing the Right Motherboard:

Ensure sure your motherboard is compatible with your processor, graphics card, and other parts before buying. To ensure a good fit, check the specifications and the kind of socket.

Expansion Options: Take into account the motherboard’s expansion capabilities, including the amount of RAM slots, PCIe slots, and SATA connections. Look for motherboards that have sufficient expansion possibilities to satisfy your demands both now and in the future.

Choose a motherboard with overclocking support if you’re a gamer or power user trying to push your machine to its absolute limits. By doing this, you can increase the performance of your system beyond what it is set to by default.

Different Prices of Motherboard in Nepal

MOTHERBOARD I5 T470Rs. 30,000
MOTHERBOARD I7 IP320Rs. 25,000
MOTHERBOARD I5 IP520Rs. 28,000
MOTHERBOARD I7 X260Rs. 30,000
MOTHERBOARD L490Rs. 35,000


We sincerely hope that our information has helped you locate the ideal motherboard for your requirements. When making your choice, keep in mind to take compatibility, expansion possibilities, and overclocking support into account. Our range of premium motherboards is intended to satisfy your computer requirements at a competitive price. Contact us at any time if you need more information or if you have any questions.