• Cash payment.
  • Cheque payment.
  • Online bank payment.
  • Online payment gateways such as Connect IPS, Fonepay & QR codes.
  • Lenovo Laptops
  • Lenovo Desktops
  • Western Digital NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • Global IME Bank Ltd.
  • NMB Bank Ltd.
  • Sunrise Bank Ltd.
  • Megatech Trade Group is the authorized importer & distributer for international brands such as Lenovo, Western Digital, SanDisk, WardWiz, Numeric, JCM, Asian Batteries and Asian Feeds.
  • Products are 100% genuine and brought directly from the manufacturer.
  • Megatech Trade Group has authorized service center for the products sold.
  • Aftersales support with well-trained personals.
  • Corporate house run by highly qualified professionals.
  • This has a huge financial impact on the long run.
  • Authorized marketplace provides genuine products with guarantee of aftersales services and parts. Whereas in unauthorized marketplace only focuses on one-time sales but neither guarantee of aftersales services nor warranty on the products.
  • No.1 tip is to do research before buying any ICT products from the market, regarding authorized distributer/seller, hologram, products in real market value, etc.
  • For Lenovo products, there is an online warranty checker which determines the authenticity of that product. Find the link here: pcsupport.lenovo.com/np/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/
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