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Western Digital is one of the most popular hard disk drives available in the market. Megatech Group being an authorized distributor of Western Digital in Nepal is really proud to introduce the best storage devices. Megatech always ensures the genuine product and has entire range of WD hard drive at a reasonable price and it offers HDDs and SSDs for computing devices.

WD Has blue 3D NAND SATA SSDs which is the best SATA SSDs for high-performance computing needs due to their high capacity, enhanced reliability and blazing speed. Similarly, WD black SSDs maximize system response and accelerates the load times for heavy-duty applications.

WD Red hard drives offer solutions for customers looking to build high-performing Network Attached Storage (NAS). On the other hand, WD Purple drives which are also commonly known as surveillance drives or AV drives are mainly designed for high-definition security systems and built for continuous performance. Western Digital’s with its exclusive All Frame 4k technology reduces the frame loss.

The series of western digital storage devices available in Nepal are,

WD blue: which is also known as the general-purpose desktop drives.

WD Purple: Surveillance or CCTV or AV hard drives.

WD RED: NAS drives (network-attached storage)

WD Black: high-performance hard drives

WD Gold: Hard drives for Data- Centers