Numeric 10KVA/240 Volt FMI with LBC

When the input power source or mains power fails, an electrical device known as a UPS or uninterruptible power source can deliver emergency power to a load. When incoming power is interrupted, it enables a computer to continue functioning at least temporarily. You will find UPS from several brands in the market however if you are searching for the best, Numeric UPS is the ideal pick for you. Numeric UPS provides protection against frequent power disturbances including burnouts, power spikes, voltage dips, and variations. Utility electricity replaces and maintains energy storage as long as it is available. In addition, the...
Total Price: 352,563
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Numeric  10KVA/240 Volt FMI with LBC Online UPS comes under the topology, True On-line Double Conversion UPS. It has an output power capacity of 8000 watts and has a phase status, three-phase. The UPS has a nominal output voltage of 190VAC / 478VAC / 240VAC ± 1%. Since this UPS is the production of the numeric brand it is CE certified. Additionally, it has a power factor of 0.99 and a voltage range of 176-264 V

TopologyTrue On-line Double Conversion UPS
Output Power Capacity 8000 Watt
PhaseThree Phase 
Nominal Output Voltage 190VAC / 478VAC / 240VAC ± 1%
Power Factor0.99
Voltage Range176-264 V
Price in NepalRs. 3,52,563

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