Asian Batteries | Ninja Series | NJ42AMB-R | 12V 35AH

Ninja series is one of the most trustworthy Asian battery series in terms of their power and sustainability. As a result, the ninja series has been around the longest. In order to meet the increasing domestic power demands and provide premium batteries with its broad range of battery series, Asian Battery aims to be the most sought-after power solution brand in Nepal.For a wide range of applications, Asian batteries are the greatest source of genuine batteries. Megatech is an authorized distributor of Asian batteries that continuously strives to supply Nepal’s demand for premium lead-acid batteries for the country’s solar, inverter,...
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Asian Batteries | Ninja Series | NJ42AMB-R | 12V 35AH comes under the Automotive Batteries category and is a rechargeable battery that is used to start a motor vehicle. Its model type is  NJ42AMB-R and it belongs to the Ninja Series. It has a battery capacity of  12V 35AH and a rated capacity of 35 @C20(AH). Similarly, the battery possesses a reserve capacity of 35 and a CCA @ -18 C (A) value of 330 and a constant current charge range of 3.5. The battery has a dimension of L 240 W 130 H 227 and weighs approximately 8 Kg (dry) and 11 Kg (wet). This particular battery from Megatech Nepal comes with a warranty duration of 18 Months ( 12 months for Taxi) Specification

BrandAsian Battery 
CategoryAutomotive Batteries
SeriesNinja Series 
Model Type NJ42AMB-R 
Battery Capacity12V 35AH
Rated Capacity @C20(AH)35
Reserve Capacity(minus) 35
CCA @ -18 C (A) 330
Constant current charge Range (A)3.5
Dimension(MM)L 240 W 130 H 227
Weight (App Dry)8 Kg 
Weight (App Wet) 11 Kg 
Warranty18 Months ( 12 months for Taxi)
Price in NepalRs. 8,680

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