Asian Battery-Gurkha Series | GK87AMB-L | 12V 80AH

Due to its strength, the Gurkha series has emerged as one of the most well-liked Asian battery series available. You should be aware of the many uses for Asian batteries as well as how well-liked they are with Nepalese clients. By offering top-notch batteries through its several battery series and satisfying expanding automotive power demands, the Gurkha series of Asian batteries aims to be the most sought-after power solution series of Asian batteries. Asian batteries are the most trustworthy in terms of their products and services because they have been around the longest. For a wide range of applications, Asian...
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Total Price: 14,000
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Asian Battery-Gurkha Series | GK87AMB-L | 12V 80AH comes under the Automotive Batteries category and is a rechargeable battery that is used to start a motor vehicle. Its model type is GK87AMB-L and it belongs to the Gurkha Series. It has a battery capacity of 12V 80AH and a rated capacity of 80 @C20(AH). Similarly, the battery possesses a reserve capacity of 138 and a CCA @ -18 C (A) value of 606 and a constant current charge range of 7. The battery has a dimension of L 310 W 175 H 227 and weighs approximately 17.5 Kg (dry) and 25.2 Kg (wet). This particular battery from Megatech Nepal comes with a warranty duration of 18 months.  Specification

BrandAsian Battery 
CategoryAutomotive Batteries
SeriesGurkha Series 
Model Type GK87AMB-L
Battery Capacity12V 80AH
Rated Capacity @C20(AH)80
Reserve Capacity(minus) 138
CCA @ -18 C (A) 606
Constant current charge Range (A)7
Dimension(MM)L 310 W 175 H 227 
Weight (App Dry)17.5 Kg
Weight (App Wet) 25.2 Kg 
Warranty18 Months
Price in NepalRs. 17,000

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