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Laptop Repair Center in Kathmandu

December 8, 2022

Customers frequently find repairing laptops in Nepal to be unsatisfactory and expensive. Compared to repairing their existing laptop, individuals prefer buying a new laptop.  There can be a variety of reasons for customers to do so but one of the major reasons to cause such an effect is the lack of good laptop repair centers in the Nepalese market. However, at Megatech Nepal, we are changing the perspective of customers through our excellent service, qualified repair professionals, and correct inspection. Our services include sales, repairs, and post-sales support for all brands of laptops in general. Apart from general repair, Megatech also performs easy memory upgrades or chip-level repairs for all laptop motherboards. We are available in not just Kathmandu but also in other major cities in Nepal. 

Some of the most popular services that we do for our customers are 

  • repairing motherboards, DVDs, LCDs, power jacks, speakers, and hinges, 
  • replacing DVDs, LCDs, BGA, batteries, screens, 
  • resolving audio and video problems, and issues with the peripherals like RAM, cameras, keyboards, and mice,
  • resolving liquid damage, virus and malware issues,
  • perform software installation.

Defects in Laptop

All machinery devices are prone to defects and so are laptops. There are some unfortunate difficulties when using laptops that you might experience with time. Some of the most common defects in laptops are:

  • Battery defect  and low battery life
  • Slow Response Time
  • Fan Noise
  • Overheating
  • Display issue
  • Freezing
  • Blue Screen Errors

How to maintain a laptop for a longer time

  • When not in use, the computer should be shut down to avoid overheating and give it a chance to rest.
  • You can prevent your laptop from overheating when not in use by adjusting your power choices. 
  • You should check and maintain the air vents in your laptop.
  • The laptop fan’s malfunction might result in overheating issues. Always check your warranty details and the manufacturer’s online support resources for laptops. You might be able to download software to check the fan on your laptop.
  • The BIOS on some laptops may be used to regulate the fans. For BIOS updates, check the laptop manufacturer’s website.
  • Whenever your laptop will not be in use, even for short periods of time remember to unplug any accessories. Not only do they use power but they could cause the laptop to overheat. 

Are laptops genuine in Nepal?

Although the laptop and pc market of Nepal is huge, finding quality laptops followed by proper service is still extremely difficult. You need to find somebody in your connection to feel fully dependapbel on your laptop purchase. But, not anymore! At Megatech Nepal, there are a variety of laptops available for your ideal use and also to address all of the issues with your devices not just in Kathmandu but also in the major cities in Nepal. In today’s fast-paced and dynamic environment, laptops have emerged as a crucial tool. Because of their mobility, which is a result of their lightweight and thin technology, they are now essential for everyone. Office professionals, students, and researchers are all laptop users. 

Unfortunately, computers are prone to damage and give consumers headaches. Lenovo laptops are built with extended active periods and travel in mind. Additionally, Lenovo laptops have comparatively longer battery lives, faster processing, and greater power to support a 40-hour workweek. The Lenovo series includes a wide choice of business laptops with good battery life, speed, and power, which are even more important when meeting video conferencing requirements as enterprises shift to newer technologies. These corporate laptops are designed for continuous upgrades and long-term, daily use. As a result, modern laptops include replaceable batteries that increase their total lifespan, are dust- and water-resistant, and are constructed to survive a few minor bumps and drops. For your ideal business need, Megatech sells top-tier Lenovo business laptops in Nepal.

Megatech for laptop purchase and repair

As the sole distributor of Lenovo laptops in Nepal, Megatech Nepal can sell you a variety of consumer laptops that fit your needs and price range. We provide the greatest consumer laptops with glossy displays and flawlessly functional laptop components. Consumer laptops can be used for any work you need to complete. Lenovo creates premium consumer laptops with external keyboards and beautiful screens that are comfortable to use all day. Similar to how these laptops are truly reasonable, you don’t need to second-guess your spending plan. The amazing internal laptop hardware of the consumer laptops sold by Lenovo laptop makers has been prioritized in order to increase your daily productivity. Consumer laptops are also created to be capable of supporting similar experiences as the “gaming” category laptops as it continues to expand.

How to maintain laptop performance?

  • Make sure to free your laptop’s space.
  • When utilizing graphics, video, or media editing software on laptops, temporary files are generated and saved. These files typically take up more room on your machine so make sure you delete them.
  • Pre-installed applications take up more storage space and impede system performance. Therefore, it is preferable to delete any unused useless programs. 
  • By resetting your laptop, you can alter the performance of your laptop while keeping the laptop’s performance. Restarting the laptop, unwanted temporary files and invisible files are erased.
  • In order to improve the performance of your laptop, you should disable the visual effect. 

How to keep a laptop battery healthy?

  • One of the biggest consumers of battery power is the display. Lower the LCD’s brightness setting since lowering the brightness to the lowest acceptable setting may significantly extend battery life.
  • Remove other devices that are charging, such as phones or headphones, to prolong the life of the battery. 
  • Disable Bluetooth if not in use to prevent the laptop battery from being drained since Bluetooth is constantly in search of nearby devices which can consume a lot of battery power.
  • If you won’t be using the laptop, shut it down or put it into hibernation rather than stand by. For the laptop to be ready to use when the cover is opened, standby continues to use energy.
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