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How to Select Graphics Cards for Gaming Laptops?

August 11, 2022

Graphics card is an expansion card or board that is printed with a circuit which manages the output to a display screen. The main responsibility of this card is to provide graphics to the laptop. No information gets displayed without the use of a graphics card in the computer. It is generally situated on the motherboard or is a separate circuit board of the computer. Every laptop uses a graphics card to render images, videos, and 3D or 2D animations to display screens.

Why do we need graphics cards for Gaming Laptops?

The expectations of the people have highly increased for the laptops. The features like long battery life; up to 10 hours, super-fast boot times, ultra-light and ultra-thin with HD-level Graphics have become the must-have requirements on laptops for most of the people who go to buy laptops. The next major requirement on the laptop for the gamers is high-performance graphic cards. Talking generally, every laptop has a Central Processing Unit (CPU) which performs all the major computing works. So, there is no need for a graphics card in the computer. But when you demand many functions in the computer with only CPU, the process gets slow. If such an issue occurs while playing games, the experience of gaming gets low due to choppiness, time-lags while responding to commands. It will reduce the entire enjoyment of the game. But the laptops with graphics cards offer high-demand visuals that enhance the smoothness and resolution of the game. It is all processed by the dedicated chip. The addition of Graphics Card is for the better performance of laptop while performing the activities that include high-demand on-screen action.
While choosing the best graphics cards for the laptop, there comes the option of 2 major types of cards and 3 major companies that you can select from.

Integrated vs. Discrete Graphics

The first type of graphics card that you can consider while buying is Integrated graphics. The CPU and GPU act as the two sides of the same plate as they occupy the space on the same motherboard and share the assets like memory. Intel or AMD will make the integrated graphics card for your laptop, depending upon the one responsible for making the CPU of your laptop. The manufacture of laptops with integrated graphics is less expensive and it is one of the beneficial points of integrated graphics cards.

AMD and NVIDIA® manufacture the GPUs of Discrete graphics laptops. The graphics card is placed separately from the motherboard of the main computer physically. They have their own memory known as VRAM or video RAM. There is no necessity to borrow or share any assets with the CPU of the computer. The graphics performance offered by the card, relies very less on the speed and available RAM of the CPU. Many of the discrete graphics cards do not entirely rely on the fan of the laptop as they come with their own cooling system.

If you consider buying the gaming laptop, you may not even assume that you are buying laptops with integrated graphics as they are complex. And the laptops with Discrete graphics cards are more expensive than the laptops with integrated graphics.

Best Graphics Cards in Nepal available in 2022

Best Graphics Cards has become the foremost requirement in the gaming laptop and the rest of the functions come second. We can say the best graphics card is the beating heart of any gaming laptop. Even the fastest CPU cannot control to the extent without the strong graphics card pushing pixels. The list of best Graphics cards is enlisted on the basis of performance, price, features and efficiency.

Graphics CardPerformanceDXR PerformanceValue — Online (MSRP)GeForce RTX 3090 Ti2 – 167.41 – 96.312 – $1,610 ($2,000)Radeon RX 6950 XT1 – 169.33 – 64.210 – $1,100 ($1,100)GeForce RTX 30804 – 148.62 – 75.86 – $760 ($700)Radeon RX 6800 XT3 – 153.74 – 53.18 – $690 ($650)Radeon RX 68005 – 140.56 – 45.07 – $600 ($580)GeForce RTX 3060 Ti7 – 116.45 – 49.42 – $480 ($400)Radeon RX 6700 XT6 – 121.98 – 34.65 – $450 ($480)Radeon RX 6600 XT8 – 99.99 – 26.93 – $340 ($380)Radeon RX 660010 – 85.311 – 22.41 – $255 ($330)GeForce RTX 305011 – 66.410 – 25.89 – $320 ($250)Radeon RX 6500 XT)12 – 41.312 – 6.611 – $175 ($200)

Other Considerations

The VRAM of the laptop graphics cannot be upgraded like other normal and regular RAM.SO, while purchasing the graphics card, make sure you select the card with enough VRAM for supporting your gaming requirements.
Before buying the laptop inquiry about the laptop required or mostly used for the type of game you play. It can help you select the best graphics card and save your money from buying more VRAM.
If you wish to have even more graphics power in the near future, you can consider buying a laptop with Thunderbolt 3 port. So, you will be able to connect an external graphics card to your laptop.

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