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Top 3 Laptops for engineering students

April 28, 2022

Nowadays, different gaming laptops are well configured to handle the computationally intensive work which is mainly required for engineering students. Most demanded laptop for students those who are involved not only in engineering but also in many other heavy-duty projects are Lenovo gaming laptop computers.

Laptop with dedicated graphics are highly demanded to withstand heavy workload. Lenovo Ideapad 3 gaming laptop is also one of the best laptop available in Nepal for students those who continuously perform work for long hours.

Best Ideapad Series Laptop for Students

Ideapad 3 gaming is powered by H- series processors and available in both Intel core i5 and i7 variant.

Lenovo laptop with i7 processor and Nvidia Graphics are best recommended laptop for any software such as Autocad, SketchUp, ZWCAD, NanoCAD, BricsCAD,LibreCAD etc.  Here the best model to choose are Lenovo legion 5 R7 and Lenovo legion 5 pro.

The best alternative to Intel core processor is AMD and lenovo laptop available in Megatech are also equipped with recent AMD ryzen processors. Lenovo ideapad 5 laptop model is also ready on stock with Intel core and AMD processors.   Ideapad 5 can be considered as the best performing laptop to buy since it is equipped with 2GB Nvidia Graphics, Genuine Microsoft office and genuine windows.

Due to higher backup time and built in dedicated graphics card, Lenovo Ideapad 5 series laptops are best among others since they are in small budget range.

Best Laptops for engineering students in Nepal

1.Lenovo Ideapad 3 Gaming:

Most affordable laptop for better gaming experience, ideapad 3 gaming is always on the top of the list. Powered by AMD Ryzen H series processor and inbuilt Nvidia Geforce Gfx graphics, it is more robust and match the requirement of all entry level gamers. The display with 120Hz refresh rate always enhances the gaming environment with the help of quick reflexes. The HDMI 2.0 port inbuilt into Ideapad Gaming 3 helps to connect an addition extra monitor or TV to get the full experience.

Lenovo ideapad 3 gaming is best suitable for all entry level gamers and creators. However, with its strong hardware component and graphics processing unit it is also suitable for engineers for all kind of computing and development activities. On the basis of review collected from around the globe it is very sure that Ideapad 3 gaming is designed to match the workload of engineers, creators and entry level gamers.

Ideapad 3 gaming laptop the cost effective and available in below 1.5lakhs in Nepal. So , for those who are looking for a laptop that can give better gaming experience and available in below 1,50,000, of course the lenovo ideapd 3 gaming is the best choice.

2.Lenovo Legion 5:

Lenovo legion 5 is best for high performance gaming environment with its ultimate performance and uncompromised battery life. In order to deliver the ultimate performance without any compromise in its features the Lenovo legion 5 gaming is designed with inbuilt NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series Graphics processing units. The next level thermal control is available with its latest development in technology of intelligent intake system. Well-designed thermal Fins, advance exhaust systems and dual fan contributes to the amazing thermal Control.

There is always a special needs of audio requirement for gamers to enhance the gaming expertise, and the lenovo legion 5 gaming laptop computer available with high performance inbuilt hardware is best suited laptop for 3D audio gaming. With superior layout and dedicated media keys the keyboard design of legion series laptop is the best competitive advantages over other brands.

So, this series of laptop is highly recommended for engineers and creator those who needs best gaming experience as well as heavy duty computing.

Lenovo legion 5 is not only powered with RYZEN 5 processor but also it is available with intel core i7 processor.

3.Lenovo ideapad 5:

Lenovo Ideapad 5 laptop is the best laptop with 2GB Nvidia Graphics card inbuilt in it. This can be the best performing laptop for entry level computing performance those who need the graphics card for running many essential software. With its 57whr battery life, this laptop is best for anyone who travels and need the uncompromised performance in their machine. Ideapad 5 series of laptop computer are with Microsoft office Genuine.

We Megatech Group offer the best price for ideapad 5 series laptop which are available in many different configuration.  Ideapad 5 laptop freatures a slim bezel display and a stylish lightweight laptop that is very well known for a battery-powered design.

4.Lenovo ThinkPad P14 S

Lenovo ThinkPad P14 S has high performace, which has 16 gm RAM, warranty upto 3 years, moslty used for IT and Engineering Students

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