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An IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone system that uses Internet Protocol (IP) networks to transmit and receive voice and data communications. Additionally, an IP PBX allows the integration of voice, video, and data communications, and can also connect to the public telephone network (PSTN) and other IP networks.

Taking about the common uses of IP PBXs, they are often used by small and medium-sized businesses as an alternative to traditional PBX systems.

They can be used to connect employees working in different locations.
Can be integrated with other communication tools such as email and instant messaging.
Using an IP PBX can help you with cost savings, increased flexibility and scalability, and improved communication and collaboration within an organization

IP PBX price in Nepal

The price of an IP PBX can vary depending on the specific features and capabilities it offers, as well as the size of the business it is intended for. Basic IP PBX systems can be purchased for a few amount, while more advanced systems with additional features and scalability can cost several thousand. Some IP PBX providers also offer subscription-based pricing, which allows businesses to pay a monthly fee for the service, rather than an upfront cost. Some of the common prices of IP PBX is provided below:

2Co Line 6 Extension PABX System (MD208) ₨ 6,188.00
Excelltel PABX System 1Co Line 8 Extension ₨ 5,500.00
Excelltel PABX System 2Co Line 8 Extension₨ 7,563.00 
Excelltel PABX System 4Co Line 16 Extension₨ 13,063.00