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IP phone price in Nepal

An IP phone is a type of telephone that uses the internet protocol (IP) to transmit and receive calls, rather than traditional analog telephone lines. IP phones are commonly used in office environments, healthcare, education and government sectors to provide members of the institution with a reliable and high-quality means of communication. They can be integrated with other business communication tools such as voicemail, conferencing, and call routing. An IP phone can be used as a component in an intercom system

System namePrice
SPARSH VP110 IP Phone Set Nrs.11,100
Grandstream GXP1760W IP Phone with WiFi Nrs.22,400
Grandstream GXP 1782 Mid Range IP Phone Nrs.16,500
Grandstream GXP 2170 Enterprise Grade IP Phone Nrs.28,000
Grandstream GXP 1620 Basic IP Phone Nrs.9,100