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Buy Panels with Highest Quality Possible

Welcome to our product category for laptop panels, where you can choose from a large number of high-quality panels at reasonable rates. We provide a variety replacement panels to suit various models and price ranges because we are aware of how frustrating it can be to have a laptop screen that has been shattered or damaged. This tutorial will walk you through the many types of panels that are available and what factors to take into account when selecting the best panel for your needs.

Different Types of Panels:

The most popular kind of panels that employ liquid crystals to display images on your screen are called LCD panels. They are perfect for general use because they have outstanding colour accuracy and viewing angles.

LED Panels: Compared to LCD panels, these panels have higher brightness and energy efficiency because the screen is illuminated by LEDs. They provide vibrant colours and fluid motion, making them perfect for entertainment and gaming applications.

Touchscreen Panels: With these panels, you can interact with your laptop using gestures and taps thanks to a layer of touch-sensitive glass above the display. They provide logical and effective control, making them perfect for activities requiring creativity and productivity.

Choose the Proper Panel:

Check that the panel you select is compatible with the make and model of your laptop. To ensure a proper fit, double-check the part number and specs.

Resolution: Take into account the panel’s resolution, which affects the image’s sharpness and clarity. To get more information and higher-quality images, look for panels with higher resolution.

Price: Without sacrificing quality, our variety of laptop panels is unbeatably priced. Choose a panel that meets your goals and budget without going overboard.

Different Prices of Panels in Nepal

A list of some of the laptop panels we provide is shown below, along with a pricing range:

C-SIDE PANNEL L480Rs. 8,000
C-SIDE PANNEL B490Rs. 9,000
A-SIDE PANNEL-AMD-A9 IP110Rs. 18,000
C-SIDE PANNEL Z480Rs. 8,000
D-SIDE PANNEL G40-70Rs. 6,000
C-SIDE PANNEL L460Rs. 25,000


We sincerely hope that our information has helped you locate the ideal laptop panel for your requirements. When selecting your choice, don’t forget to take compatibility, resolution, and cost into account. Our range of premium panels is intended to satisfy your computing requirements at a reasonable cost. Contact us at any time if you need more information or if you have any questions.