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Server in Nepal

Are you looking for the best server in Nepal? But worried about having to compromise your server computer’s hardware components? Megatech is here at your service. Get your hands on our high-quality server computer with flawless hardware components and experience professional enterprise solution services. From small tower servers to large data center solutions Megatech has been providing a wide range of  Lenovo server computers.

As mentioned above, we provide a wide range of Lenovo servers in Nepal, all you have to do if choose the right for your business. In the case of small businesses, we offer entry-level Lenovo tower servers which are ideal for not just small but medium-scale businesses as well. However, if you wish to extend your server capacity and have a hardware upgrade option, you can choose our medium-level Lenovo rack server.

We at Megatech believe to serve top-notch services to our clients with our professional crew well equipped for any sort of service required in the server computer industry. Besides, our service centers are available in all 7 provinces of Nepal so do not hesitate to reach out to our Megatech service center near you for any technical assistance.

Lenovo Server Computer

We are excited to present our different Lenovo server computers ranging from small tower servers to a large data center solutions. Without any compromise to its hardware components we truly believe that we are the best server computer supplier in Nepal and we offer entire enterprise solution services.

Best server for small office

Similar to other brands we also offer entry level Lenovo tower servers for small and medium business. However, we are always in frontline to provide our medium level Lenovo rack server for those who wants more Complex solution with option to upgrade its hardware based on future demands. In addition, we also offer large data center solution with our high range of rack and blade servers which ensures our widespread presence in Nepal’s IT market.

Megatech Trade Group is well equipped with professional manpower for any kind of service required in relation to server computer industry, and having branch offices in all seven province in Nepal we also believe that we are always in top whenever a prompt service is necessary.

The range of Lenovo servers we deal with are Tower server, Rack server, Blade server, more advance mission critical server and high-density server for high performance.