Biratnagar Branch

Megatech Biratnagar is one of the Megatech enterprise units located on the main road Biratnagar opposite NIC Asia Bank. Like the other branches of Megatech, Megatech Biratnagar aims to serve its customers with remarkable deals and services for International Standard Products. We have been working in this field for over 10 years and still, we strive to deliver our clients a comprehensive variety of products at the most reasonable price. We are determined to make the best efforts in keeping our customers satisfied through our high-quality products and excellent technical assistance. Megatech is best known for:

  • ICT products,
  • Lenovo products,
  • WD,
  • SanDisk,
  • Numeric,
  • Matrix,
  • WardWiz,
  • JCM,
  • Asian Batteries, and
  • Cisco products.

Contact information

Main Road, Biratnagar 56613,


Our Services

We provide Our Customers with Complete Technical Solutions by dealing with and supporting Computer Systems, Generators, Stabilizers, UPS, EPABX & Telecommunications, and overall Office Automation Products of International Standard.. Additionally, we have a factory that specializes in the production of batteries and livestock.

Asian Battery in Biratnagar

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Authorized Distributor of Lenovo Laptops in Biratnagar

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