Asian Battery in Janakpur

As a significant provider of Asian batteries, Megatech Janakpur works tirelessly to meet Janakpur's demand for high-grade lead-acid batteries for the solar, inverter, automotive, and e-rickshaw battery need. Asian Battery is a reputable brand that aims to be Nepal's most sought-after power solution in order to meet rising domestic power demands and offer top-notch batteries in Janakpur.

Contact information

Bhanu Chwok, Janakpur 45600


Why Choose Megatech for Asian battery in Janakpur

Choose Megatech for all your Asian battery needs in Nepal. Why?

  • As the leading authorized supplier in Janakpur and throughout the country, we have been serving customers for over 60 years since 1955.
  • Not only do we offer a wide range of genuine Asian batteries, but our well-equipped service centers in Janakpur provide professional technical support and repair services as well.
  • Additionally, we prioritize customer convenience by offering online ordering, payments, and query support.

Frequently Asked Questions

The top battery supplier in Janakpur is Megatech Janakpur.

Yes, a battery brand that has been around for a while and has high customer reliance is more reliable when it comes to its products. Asian batteries are the best source of genuine batteries for a variety of uses. Asian batteries are available via Megatech, an authorized distributor of Asian batteries, in Janakpur and the country’s other main cities.

A 3-year warranty on an Asian battery from the Inverter Series, model number AB65TB, 12V 65AH, is, on average, an excellent time frame to ensure sustainability at an affordable price.

Asian batteries are one of the many types of supplies we provide at Megatech. We offer Asian batteries in the range of 7000 to 55000 rupees.