Asian Battery in Chitwan

Megatech Chitwan puts forth a lot of effort to supply Chitwan with the premium lead-acid batteries needed for the solar, inverter, automobile, and e-rickshaw industries. In order to address growing domestic power demands and provide exceptional batteries in Chitwan, Asian Battery is a top-tier company that aspires to become Nepal's most sought-after power solution. We provide you with the most economical Asian batteries that are best for your system as we are a large supplier of Asian batteries with years of expertise.

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New Rd, Bharatpur 44200


Why Choose Megatech for Asian battery in Chitwan?

Megatech has been a genuine supplier of Asian batteries in Nepal since the company’s founding in 1955. As an authorized distributor of Asian batteries, Megatech Chitwan offers you the lowest prices on a variety of Asian battery products. Similarly, Megatech has developed well-equipped Asian battery service facilities in Chitwan where you can receive competent technical advice and have your Asian batteries fixed as necessary. These facilities also offer Asian batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Nepal, Asian Batteries are regarded as one of the best batteries available.

Battery brands play an important role. An established battery brand is more trustworthy when it comes to its products and services. Asian batteries are the top supplier of genuine batteries for a range of applications. In Chitwan and the other major cities of the nation, Megatech sells batteries.

A 3-year warranty is frequently sufficient to guarantee durability at a reasonable price for an Asian battery from the Inverter Series, AB65TB, 12V 65AH.

Asian batteries are just one of the many products Megatech offers. We sell Asian batteries in the price range of 7000 to 55000 rupees.