The modern growing businesses often face bigger challenges than those faced by the established and large entities. These small-sized organizations need to be more agile and productive with limited resources. Therefore a modern VOIP Phone system for small businesses that can help respond fast, boost productivity and reduce its acquisition and operational costs is the need-of-the-hour.

Presenting, Matrix ETERNITY PE - VOIP system for small businesses designed specifically for small-sized businesses destined to become tomorrow's enterprise. ETERNITY PE is a versatile IP-PBX platform based on universal slots architecture, offering a variety of trunks and extensions. ETERNITY PE - VOIP PBX Phone system, is ideal for any small to medium business having 24 to 48 users. Organizations can flexibly connect FXO, GSM/3G, VOIP, ISDN BRI and T1/E1/PRI trunks and select from user extensions such as IP Phones, Digital Key Phones and Analog Phones in any combination as per communication requirements.


Technical Specification


 System Resources  Description Eternity PE 6SP
 RS232C (COM) Ports  SMDR/PMS/CAS Interfaces 1
 USB Port  Reserved for Future Applications 1
 Analog Input Port (AIP)  External Music Source 1
 Analog Output Port (AOP)  Public Address System 1
 Conference  Number of Conference Participants 15
 Voice Messages (16 seconds each)  Auto Attendant, Voice Help, Voice Tones 6
 Ethernet Port  Web based Configuration, PMS, SMDR, System Log 1



 System Resources  Description Eternity PE 6SP
 Universal Slots  FOR Expansion Cards 6
 SLT Ports  Single Line Analog Telephones 48
 DKP/DSS Ports  Proprietary Digital Key Phones or DSS Consoles 32
 CO (TWT) Ports  Two Wire Trunk (CO) Lines 16
 BRI Ports  ISDN BRI Network or ISDN Compatible Devices 12
 T1/E1/PRI Ports  T1 or E1 or ISDN PRI Network or Compatible Device 6
 GSM/3G Ports  GSM/3G Network 8
 VoIP Cards  VoIP Phones, Softphones, Mobile SIP Clients 6
 VoIP Users  Registration of VoIP Phones, Softphones and Mobile SIP   Clients 50
 VoIP Trunks  SIP Trunks (Clients) for ITSP or Peer-to-Peer 16
 VoIP Channels per Card  Simultaneous VoIP Calls per Card 8/16
 E&M Ports  E&M Network -
 Voice Mail System (Number of   Ports)  Voice Mail System with Auto-Attendant and with   deidicated Mailbox for each type of extension (Analog,   Digital, IP) 16


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